”Oooh, I will stop my car immediately!” Claire got married last week and just received her pictures. ”Oh My God so cool! GREAT!”, she replied. ”I’m going to show Jer right away!” That Damon Pijlman was there on their wedding day, they hardly even noticed. His rocking sidekick Eva also seemed invisible that day. They became one of the guests and mingled between them. They truly celebrated the wedding day together. But later on, when the pictures were done, it would show that they were definitely there. They were on top of everything, every important moment.

Studio Damon is one of the leading studios in the wedding photography industry. At the young age of sixteen, he shot his first wedding. ”Weddings give me such a huge energy boost. Right from the start, I found it fantastic to do. Studio Damon now distinguishes themselves from the rest with their unique approach and sense for real moments. On my own wedding”, Damon says, ”I had a moment where I was talking to my grandmother. The connection that I had with her … that moment.. they captured that. And that photo is so very dear to me.”

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In addition to wedding photography the team also creates videography for weddings and loveshoots. We call them Dynamic Stills; pictures that seamlessly turn into film images and also include sound. Put together in a modern and stylish videoclip. Our new concept is unique because we record those special moments in photo and film simultaneously. Our goal is to capture the very best memories of your wedding, to show the unique chemistry and love you have for one another. When adding moving images and sound we have a beautiful product that lasts for generations.

We have developed a complete package; a beautiful design album that contains the precious photos, a photo gallery with the high-quality pictures, a smartphone app, and the modern and unique Dynamic Stills Clip. Put together by two (sometimes 3) passionate and experienced image makers. Bridal ceremonies, speeches and other important moments, will be captured from start to finish through film images and sound.

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Our Wedding Collections start at €1825,-. For this amount, you receive a number of basic elements. The package can be extended with many extras if you like!

– Award winning wedding photographers Damon and/or Eva
– Getting acquainted and discussing all of your needs
– 6 hours of wedding photography
– Custom designed wedding album (30 × 40 cm)
– An amazing online highlight slideshow
– The photos/movies in high quality

– Two (or even three) wedding photographers at your wedding
– the Premier Launch party
– The same night Sneak Peek
– Professional film and audio recording
– Dynamic stills documentary Film clip
– Drone photo and film images
– A modern Photo Booth
– International weddings
– And more!

We always love meeting you and this is free of charge. During this introductory talk, we like to hear all about your special day, we look at the design albums and we get to know each other. Would you like to see our complete overview of prices and features, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly!