As a mentor, Damon is hugely inspirational and full of passion and enthusiasm. A very strong and skilled photographer who challenges me to always improve in light, composition and momentum! You’re great Damon!

Huibert van Rossum
Damon is a true artist! And in addition, he is an insanely good photographer! Furthermore, he is also a fantastic inspiration during his workshops.

Leonard Walpot
“Federer. Bolt. Messi. Woods. Sportsmen so renowned and so extraordinarily talented. Constantly pushing the limits and rewriting the rule and history books. Adored and respected. Copied and envied. Although this next metaphor would make more sense in Dutch; if your brand of sports, like mine, is photojournalistic wedding photography, Damon Pijlman would (or should) make your list of greats.”

The workshop days were absolutely fantastic and so worth the investment! Why? Because it was a huge learning experience where Damon explains everything in detail. But he is also just an open book who shares his knowledge without secrets. You can ask him all your questions and he will reply with honesty and is truly informative, which I appreciate greatly!”

“Early February I followed Damon’s two-day ‘BIG’ workshop near Wassenaar and Leiden. These two days I didn’t really focus on shooting the wedding couple, but I listened and watched him work. With a bag full of ingredients, I went home and immediately asked my girlfriend to function as a test case. Because it’s all fun, his explanations and how it all works…; But it’s all about practice and putting these new ingredients to work! :-)”

Super instructive workshop! Damon is such a fun man who loves to teach you all his tips and tricks!

Léonie Stolk-van Gelder
Damon and Eva are really pro’s! Earlier this year I followed their 3-day workshop (I really recommend it!) And next year they will be photographing our wedding. I cannot wait woehoeee!

Marieke Amelink