What is our work method?

Studio Damon has won a lot of national and international awards with their working method. But the most important recognition comes from the brides and grooms themselves (reviews). ”Their enthusiasm makes every wedding feel like a party to us.”So nervous … Rick slept at his parents last night, and Abbey spent the night at their own house together with her best friend. They were all wide awake before the alarm clock went off. ”Help, I’m going to get married today!” Abbey gets the giggles. Then the doorbell rings. ”That’s Damon!” Meanwhile Rick opens the door for Eva.A weddingshoot at Studio Damon often begins early in the morning. Damon follows the bride and her most important people around. Eva accompanies the groom and his entourage. This way everyone gets used to the presence of the photographers and in the meantime the most beautiful moments are being captured.


Rick’s father looks at his son. ”There you go, man!” He pulls his tie. ”A double windsor looks better. Come here, I’ll tie it for you!” As the ceremony is about to begin, Eva and Damon both find a good angle from which they won’t miss a moment. Just before they enter the church, Abby’s mom shouts out: ”Shouldn’t we be taking group pictures? Your father and I had those before church!”Of course, Studio Damon also offers group photos and portraits – just a little bit different. Each bride and groom are nervous before the ceremony starts, so why should we take them away from their guests to get into a forced long-lasting photo session? A short spontaneous shoot, when everyone is happy and relaxed, is far more effective.


”In addition, as the day progresses, the light becomes so much more beautiful. I love that golden light at the end of the day.”During the day Damon and Eva take about ten thousand photos, of which 500 will remain to tell the story of your big day. Of the top 70, we make a stunning slideshow of all the highlights. (example) and, if you want, you can join Damon the day after, for an after-wedding shoot. Put on your special clothes once more, find that perfect location and, without any time limits or pressure, shoot some great photos. ”Photos need to be felt”, Is Damon’s motto.