Meet Dynamic Stills!

In addition to wedding photography the team also creates videography for weddings and loveshoots. We call them Dynamic Stills; pictures that seamlessly turn into film images and also include sound. Put together in a modern and stylish videoclip. Our new concept is unique because we record those special moments in photo and film simultaneously. Our goal is to capture the very best memories of your wedding, to show the unique chemistry and love you have for one another. When adding moving images and sound we have a beautiful product that lasts for generations.


We have developed a complete package; a beautiful design album that contains the precious photos, a photo gallery with the high-quality pictures, a smartphone app, and the modern and unique Dynamic Stills Clip. Put together by two (sometimes 3) passionate and experienced image makers. Bridal ceremonies, speeches and other important moments, will be captured from start to finish through film images and sound.

I want Damon at my wedding!