Must we pose?

Studio Damon Photography is known for their untraditional posed photos. During our couples shoot we are concentrating on capturing the fun and the chemistry you have together. We are always looking for loose, casual moments. For portraits, we will take you to the right place, with the right light and offer you guidance during it all. During the ceremony, reception, dinner and party we will mix with all your guests.

Do you also take traditional photos?

We take all photos that you expect from a good wedding photographer. If you wish we create group shots, formals, details of the flowers and the wedding dress, the styling of the tables and so much more! But we are well known for our creative photo sessions, that exceed your expectation and imagination and capture unique and special moments.

Do you also work abroad?

Of course! We would love to travel with you on so-called ´destination-weddings’. We’ve been to some quite special places in the world, including New York, Aruba, Spain, Portugal, Germany, South France, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium.

Can we create beautiful, high quality prints of the images?

Yes, we will deliver all pictures in high quality on disk, so you can make beautiful enlargements. If you like, we can also provide professional prints for you.

Will you eat with us?

During the day we are completely satisfied with a nice sandwich, and some tea and coffee. At evenings, during dinner, we would prefer to eat in the same room (at a separate table), so we won’t be missing any moments and are there in time for spontaneous speeches. No place in the room? No problem. Just place us in a separate room but as close as possible to you. A special ‘artist meal’ would also do just fine with us.

How do we hire you?

To ensure quality, we only schedule one marriage per day and up to two a week. First come, first served basis. So be quick; send an email or make an appointment for an initial consultation. Once your reservation fee has been paid, you wedding date is officially booked and we will be there.

From wich wedding albums can we choose?

We design the wedding albums inhouse and have them printed with materials of the highest quality, so you can enjoy them for many generations. Our albums are made all over the world in countries such as the USA, Switzerland, Japan and Portugal. There is a wide choice of albums, so you can order all the unique and stylish products that are available in the market.

When will we receive the photos?

We can show you an amazing ‘ Sneak Peek ‘ slide show on the same evening as your wedding day. It will show some great wedding pictures on large screen. Then we will work really hard to bring back about 10,000 pictures, to a perfect summary. The most beautiful images will be retouched with the special Studio Damon Touche. After about 4-6 weeks we will have the Highlight slideshow ready, a cool slide show containing the highlights, including music. In the meantime, we are super busy working on the complete wedding reportage. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks, but in our wedding season it sometimes takes several weeks longer. Via a special design-site, we will work with you on a great album. It is our goal to deliver the most amazing pictures as quickly as possible. Your complete satisfaction is what drives us. We want to deliver great pictures, and we want to put the same passion and enthusiasm in there as you have grown accustomed to. Just as on your wedding day!

Why should we choose you?

We work with an enthusiastic team with extensive experience. We will become one of your guests, shooting subtly with great result. Wedding photography is our specialty and we will photograph you and your guests with enthusiasm and originality, which has resulted in our earning many (inter) national awards.

What is the investment?

The rates include all pictures in high quality on Disk, the Highlight slide show and an online gallery. Our entire team will be working on each wedding documentary. Behind every story lies weeks of hard work and we handle everything with great care. Comprehensive explanation about our rates can be found under rates Wedding Collections.

We don’t have the adequate budget!

Do you like our style of photography but are we beyond your budget? We can put a special payment agreement together, the amount is normally divided into three, but we can discuss the possibilities. Another option is to go for a Junior photographer. This is a very talented photographer who photographs weddings in the unique style of studio Damon photography. Trained by Damon himself and accustomed to shooting weddings as a member of the team.

The entire design and finishing processes, album and slideshow will be done by Studio Damon. When choosing for a Junior, you give our talented young photographers a great chance, we enthusiastically encourage starting photographers at Studio Damon.

Can we build our own package?

We have put our wedding collections together with great care. You can complement your wedding collections with additional items such as extra hours or an album with more photos. Our collections are based on a fixed set of hours with no gaps in between. A downgrade for the same amount is not possible, but we are happy to create a custom-made package if requested.

Who are your favorites wedding suppliers?

Through this link we would like to show you our favorite wedding suppliers, we update the list regularly.

We still have more questions!

If you have any additional questions, you can always email us, give us a call or drop by:

Studio Damon Photography
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2242 KG Wassenaar Netherlands
Tel: 0031 (0) 70 – 5 170 881.

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