Nice to meet you!

He wanted to become a fashion photographer, so, when he was just 16 years old, Damon Pijlman grabbed his moped and rode to a nearby photo studio in Wassenaar. ”Do you have work for me?”


Yes, they did, but becoming a fashion photographer does not happen overnight. The young Damon was also being sent to shoot weddings. His initial thought was ‘how boring’ but, to his great surprise, he found out it was fantastic. After 9 amazing years at the studio, Damon started his own in 2006. For a long time, he combined advertising and fashion photography with wedding photography.


Where the fashion industry only cost him energy, the wedding industry gave it back along with the liberating feeling of: ”I was there!”. Seven years ago, he made a decisive decision – he would become a fulltime wedding photographer.


The studio has several young professionals working for Damon, all with their own specialism and he partners with the best freelancers in his field. Their most recent work can be found here. Starting photographers can go there for an internship and for professional wedding photographers Studio Damon offers Mentoring and Workshops.

The toppers of the studio



Damon's partner in crime. Joins him at weddings to shoot from different angles that will tell the full story. She joined him as an intern some years ago and proved to be an excellent student, she has grown tremendously and has won some prestigious awards.



Three years ago, Eva and Damon had the honor of shooting the wedding of Daniel and his wife Carolien. It was an amazing wedding and a special bond between the groom and the photographer had been formed. Daniel is, besides his work as a general practitioner, also a very talented photographer. In the last three years, he had accompanied Eva and Damon on many weddings, both here in the Netherlands and abroad. So, when he leaves his stethoscope at home, he is more than happy to join in. Good to know there will be a doctor in the house... just in case!



Suze is a mother of Pippa & Lucie and has been married with Damon for more then 14 years!W ith her backgroud as an creative designer and her bachelor, she must been the best person to design your weddings albums! She does all administrative work and takes care of planning and contacts. Thanks to Suze, this has been going smoothly She might be the most important person at Studio Damon and in Damons Life ;-).